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The Pfister Hotel is home to many things: a centennial worth of memories from guests, elite guest athletes, a dozen visiting US Presidents, and the largest Victorian Art Collection. With more than 80 pieces, few are aware of the extent of the collection as well as the history behind it – The Pfister wanted wanted to change that.

Pfister AR Map Screen


With our help, the iconic hotel aimed to generate an exciting buzz around the impressive art collection and increase brand awareness amongst the millennial generation. Together, we set forth to develop an immersive augmented reality experience that would showcase the historic artwork. Users can view the remarkable art through their phones, and watch it come to life with videos, fun facts, and even interactive games to keep everyone engaged.

Pfister AR Art Listing Screen


The news of the augmented reality tour hit impressive heights when the app was released. The Pfister Hotel Augmented Reality Tour received national acclaim from various news sources, garnering over 1000 sessions, nearly 500 on-site visitors, and a grand total of 1 million total impressions.

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