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The Garland Hotel in North Hollywood, California underwent a staggering $20 million renovation in the fall of 2017, including a brand new restaurant – The Front Yard. As a new star on the walk, the curtain would be rising on this new concept, which wanted to intrigue local visitors and tourists alike, with a focus on highlighting their stunning visuals and easy to book reservations. The goal was to create a fully responsive website geared towards locals and visitors in the North Hollywood area that would feature their breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner options.

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Much like the hotel, the restaurant was under construction, and the new site’s creation would need to be based on the existing branding, which was limited to a few print items such as menus, business cards, and coasters. Sami Weber, lead designer on the project says “I was really inspired by the illustrations that they already had created. I wanted to use those to incorporate a lot of texture and whimsical elements into the design to make it fun and unique.” To pay homage to these illustrations, animated elements such as the leaf and bird ornaments were featured alongside the pages.

TFY Home Page

The artwork played well against the large, bold photography of the eclectic space it's intended to represent. Because booking plays a key role in the restaurant business, reservations were incorporated into the main navigation. This creates a seamless experience for users and allows them to to book on Open Table from whatever page they land on.


The Front Yard now has 12,000 unique visitors per month. In its first month after launch, received 4,300 sessions. Since then, there has been a 220% increase in month-over-month sessions.

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