Golf Balls Direct Case Study

SEO Earns a Hole in One


Increase in Organic Traffic


Increase in Keywords


Increase in Sessions


Increase in Unique Pageviews


In a competitive market with a slowly declining online presence, Golf Balls Direct found itself in a bit of rough. This used golf ball retailer had little organic search traffic coming from non-branded keywords and the brand wasn’t appearing on Google’s first page for marquee products. It was our goal to step up to the tee and drive Golf Balls Direct’s organic search traffic up to par.

Golf Balls Direct Website (Pre Redesign)


We began with an audit of the site and quickly discovered an omission of highly searched terms in the metadata. We also noticed a lack of essential SEO elements that would make the site easier to crawl and index for search engines. With this information, we identified our top priorities and set out to reconstruct the title tags and meta descriptions, as well as implement alt-text tags, header tags, and more on every page.

GBD Mobile Home Page


In only five months, our strategic implementation generated a 12.1 percent increase in organic search traffic from the previous quarter, and a 52.3 percent increase in year over year numbers. Golf Balls Direct also experienced a 44.2 percent spike in keywords appearing in the top ten of Google’s search results. The relevant, product based keyword implementation, as well as the updates that improved the index-ability of the site enhanced Golf Balls Direct’s search presence and resulted in a great boost in unique visits.

GBD Organic Search Results

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