Heidel House Case Study

Heidel House Gets a ReDesign


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When Heidel House Resort and Spa approached us, their online presence was falling behind the demands of mobile-first world and, as a result, traffic numbers were declining. Heidel House was looking to offer their guests a more complete digital experience whether they were on a desktop or on their smartphone. They also had their eyes on targeting new markets who wanted a getaway spot on the weekend. With their goals in mind, we set foot toward a brand new website that incorporated a seamless mobile experience and goals to increase organic traffic from the Chicago area.

Heidel House Website (Pre-Redesign)


Our team developed a blueprint that would primarily target the people of the Chicago area, and even reach out to the Milwaukee and Madison audience. Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices, the plan was to optimize the website for those searching for spas or weekend getaways in Wisconsin. This would direct search engine users to the Heidel House Resort and Spa and encourage them to take advantage of the many services and amenities.

In the early stages of the new Heidel House Resort and Spa website, our multitasking crew was working on another project, Evensong Spa. This endeavor had similar goals to the Heidel House website. Including increased outreach and a focus on consumer usability. A major challenge with the original website was managing the many services offered in an effective, easy-to-read arrangement. Our team determined the best design to showcase the relaxation services would be accordion style menus.

Evensong Spa Accordion Charts


After three months of each new website going live, we’re proud to say that all goals were met! The local traffic in Green Lake increased by 120.6%, and the traffic from Chicago is up 329.79% for the Heidel House website. If that isn't impressive enough, sessions also soared by 81.87%. Organic user numbers increased 73.23% and the users who liked what they saw returned at an improved rate of 93.10%.The Evensong spa site also experienced massive results. Mobile visits surged to a whopping 1,238.60% and session duration was up 66.9%.

Heidel House Responsive Website

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