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Celebrating 50 years as a spy sanctuary, SafeHouse has solidified itself as a must-visit restaurant for anybody traveling to Milwaukee. Through social media this clandestine restaurant wanted to spark that same kind of undercover enthusiasm with the locals. In true spy spirit, we set forth with a classified mission to elevate brand engagement with hometown operatives.

Snapchat Clue


Our stealthy strategy included social posts with a covert link leading users to an interactive landing page. When they arrived, they were greeted with a clearance test that unveiled a special spy code. This code was unique to those in town who were on a mission as it could only be redeemed in store on the same day.

We also encouraged users to navigate to other SafeHouse social media pages with a secret riddle that, when decoded, told users where the next post would be. This enabled SafeHouse social spies to engage with the brand on multiple platforms.


By introducing a spy-tacular game, SafeHouse social accounts saw major growth in engagement and a spike in new followers across multiple platforms. Revisiting the homeland headquarters proved to be successful when the brand not only experienced a rise in overall online reach, but they also saw an increase in agents who dined in at the restaurant.

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