Graydient Sales Dashboard

A Sales "Portal to the Future"


One thing constant in our business is change. To better serve our customers we’ve incorporated a new Sales Portal program within our day-to-day work structure. This allows for effective communication between hotels and salespeople in different regions to help book more events and rooms. The online Sales Portal is fairly new to us as it recently launched. The program still has a few kinks to work out, but here’s what we know (and like) so far.


The Sales Portal is organized with clearly defined steps for completion. Keeping it simple for the associates and helping them fill-in and answer all important questions for a stronger event booking. Steps include: creating a lead, designating rooms needed for an event, calculating the average room price, and developing a plan for the event manager. The Portal helps lay out the logistics of the event, enabling the managers to approve and complete each step successfully. Once the event is planned and has taken place, it is considered "actualized" in the Portal. After the event has been actualized, the payment process will take place; thus completing the event.

SalesDash Dashboard


Our new, all-electronic process has helped to define steps and establish what must be done in a single, organized, and streamlined platform. Not only has it created easier tracking of sales and promotions through various automatic calculations, the Sales Portal has enabled more team continuity and a faster turnaround rate. All-in-all, we see this Portal as an incredibly helpful new member of our team!

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