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The importance of giving back to the community

Graydient Creative is actively committed to creating a sustainable future through philanthropy and community involvement. The foundation of our social responsibility begins with improving the wellbeing of each and every person we can, and building a supportive future that’s empowers forthcoming generations.

Local Impact

At Graydient Creative, we believe in contributing to the communities we live and work in. Our local efforts focus on building a society that enables our peers to be successful. Through various initiatives, we continue to work toward alleviating homelessness, enhancing our educational system, and building a framework that allows our fellow Wisconsinites to be happier and lead flourishing lives.

National Impact

Graydient Creative aims to impact the lives on a national level as well. We feel its part of our responsibility to preserve the American dream, and do what we can to allow everyone a chance at achieving his or her goals. We have contributed to the Feed America organization, donated to several United Way campaigns, and played a role in various other initiatives.

"Volunteers don't necessarily have the time;
they have the heart." - Elizabeth Andrew

Student Outreach

Student Impact

We work alongside students of all ages to help them develop the skills necessary to be successful in professional fields. We visit classrooms and enjoy mentoring young adults. We at Graydient work with students ranging anywhere from grade school to high school and beyond. We have participated in the classrooms at Washington High School of Information Technology and Lynde and Harry Bradley Technology & Trade School in Milwaukee, volunteered for Junior Achievement events, like JA Finance Park and JA Biz Town, and mentored students through job shadowing and other essential skills students need to be successful.

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Post-Grad Impact

Making a difference in post-graduates’ lives is something we pride ourselves in. From Waukesha County Technical College, to Milwaukee Area Techinical College, and side projects at the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee, Graydient has always served as an advisor for schools’ curriculums and future tech sherpas.

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Graydient Post-Grad Impact
Community Outreach


At Graydient Creative, we are passionate about giving back to our community. We have contributed to Feeding America, donated to several United Way and United Performing Arts Fund campaigns, and created websites for other non-profit initiatives in the Greater Milwaukee Area. 

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