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Our Process

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Scaling The Summit

We’re an experienced team of web professionals with a unique approach. Our process reflects a mountaineering expedition with major milestones, each marking the next step in achieving great results. We’re a small team with big ambitions, and we scale mountains not just because we love the climb, but because we love the view from the top. Take a look at our process below to see how we can help you reach new heights.


[ Prepare Your Pack ]

Getting to the core of your brand will be our number one priority in this phase. We’ll evaluate all that we can about your website, your competitors, and everything in between. We want to understand the key drivers of your business so we can elevate your brand to stand out in the marketplace. At the end of it all, you’ll have a comprehensive review of your current site with an in depth breakdown of all the primary components.


[ Commence the climb ]

After a thorough analysis, we’ll work with you to discuss core objectives and any project goals you hope to achieve. We’ll then develop a road map with step-by-step instructions of how we plan to create a state-of-the-art site to help you reach your bottom line.


[ Crank up the crest ]

This is where pens hit paper, ideas hit whiteboards, and fingers hit keyboards. All the pre-planning and discovery we did earlier will start to pay off, as concepts transform into detailed designs. It’s in this stage that you’ll be getting the first look at your new site, and you’ll start to see the vision for your brand become a reality.


[ Scale the summit ]

Now that we’ve wrapped up the bulk of the creative process, loaded in content, and implemented user functionality to your website, we’ll start testing things to make sure it’s in tip-top shape. You’ll be able to see a near-finished product and provide feedback to ensure everything is exactly the way you envisioned it.


[ Peek at the Peak ]

The project is now complete and, with your approval, we’re ready to launch! The site will go live and the next chapter of our partnership will begin. As business friends forever, we’ll train you to manage your new website, make updates, and we’ll work with you to maintain your online presence as well as your place as an industry leader.